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ARIVORA is your competent partner for furnished lettings. We will support you throughout the entire rental process. You will not only be saving time, but can also be assured that the rental process runs flawlessly.

Preparing the flat for rental

In case your flat is not or only partially furnished, we will first prepare the flat for rental. The right kind of decor/furniture will considerably raise the profitability of your property. Furnishing should be appealing as well as functional. There are many details to be considered. Hence, you should definitely leave furnishing in the hands of experts. We plan for your wall and floor design, fitted kitchens, bathrooms, curtains/ blinds, lighting, furniture, textiles, kitchen utensils, artworks, mirrors, decoration, accessories and electrical appliances.

Electricity, gas, internet, TV and contents insurance

Usually, the landlord of a furnished apartment will be overseeing the contracts with the different providers. However, we are happy to help with registration, where necessary.


Often flathunters will make a preselection of favoured apartments based on photos. Photos of a professional standard are therefore instrumental for furnished rentals. The flat should of course be clean and tidy. The right use of accessories will optimize the appeal of the apartment. We will show the apartment in the best possible light and be presenting it using professionl photographs.


We will create a convincing report for your apartment and publish ad’s on all the relevant real estate websites. Hereby we will of course be working within the guidelines of legal regulations, such as including the Energy Performance Certificate in the listings.

Organization and implementation of viewing appointments

We will take over the time consuming task of processing enquiries and coordinate property viewings. During the viewings, we will ensure the optimal presentation of the flat.

Preselection of candidates

We will screen all incoming applications and make a preselection for you. We will pay particular attention to the creditworthiness of the candidate, in order to protect you as good as possible from any loss of rent. Ultimately you will decide on the right candidate for your flat.

Preparing the lease contract

Usually, a fixed-term lease agreement will be completed, i.e. the tenancy will begin and end on a specific date. We are happy to provide you with a lawyer-approved lease agreement form. The contract must be first signed by the tenant and then by the landlord. Typically the signed contract will be scanned and sent via email.

Deposit and first month’s rent

Due to the limited time period on the tenancy agreement, it is usually required for the deposit and first month’s rent to go into the landlord’s bank account, prior to handing over of flat/ keys to the tenant. The tenant makes a direct payment into your account. Only when the money is visible on your statement will the apartment be handed over to the new tenant.

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Temporary accommodation from 2 months rental period

Organization of final cleaning and repairs

After the tenant has left we will proceed with a standard cleaning of the property. Sometimes small repairs need to be taken care of. We will organize reliable professional cleaners and craftsmen.

Replacement of missing or damaged items

Sometimes items in the apartment will need to be replaced. We will be happy to take care of that.

Returning the deposit

We will send you a detailed list of which costs need to be deducted from the deposit, if any. Then you will be paying the deposit straight back into the account of the former tenant.


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